Anthony and Cleopatra, av William Shakespeare

This one was harder to read. I really had to make my eyse red, to get into the action, and even then my achievments were a far cry from my efforts. A disapointment, not the play, but my own abilty of reading plays like this. And as always, to produce or consume anything in english. How I’m born not to supremacy any language but my own.
The play can be read as a struggle between passion and reason, and some may say between eastern and western culture. The passion of Anthony towars Cleopatra, clashes with his duties of Rome. He tries to demonstrate his control of will, by instead marriing Octavia, the roman sister of Octavian. It proves out to be a failure. Afterwards, Anthony little by little loose his former glory as a Roman noble, and it culiminates in his act of suicide. To him it is a last heroic act, and likewise it is to Octavian and Cleopatra. Of course this can be discussed, but the mere possibility of letting Anthony kill himself, differs the play of Shakespeare to the plays which have to be written to day. To day it is not possible letting a person kill himself as an heroic act. And to me Anthony’s deed is a little too desperat to be anything near heroic. To me the suicide towers his failure. Shakespeare lets the self kill of Cleopatra stand as a comment. She’s not completly reduced, she could even live a decent life as a roman subruler. But she refuses, her kill is done in fluently passion and something which could be stribe for honor. Her kill is not that easy to be gripped, and if the play is to be read as a struggle between eastern and western culture. The result is that even though the west conquers the east, the east proves the better due to it’s cleaner values and lesser cultivation.
I don’t think this play rings out with magic, like some of Shakespears other plays.

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